For the creation of a sound it is absolutely a necessity to have an envelope generator. Moreover, in most cases you need to use two of it, one for the VCF, and another one for the VCA, or for other moulations perhaps. 

With this in mind our DUAL ENV came into existence, with an extra feature of the GATE DELAY function. Using the own dedicated potentiometer of this function you can make the second envelope to delay. 

Both of these envelope generators can be set-up for GATED or TRIGGERED mode. This way you can turn on/off  the legato playing.  With separate switches you can set the curves of the envelopes by choosing linear or exponential. 

For the sake of easy and convenient adjustment we divided the time potentiometers into two sections. This way you can set the time from completely turned down position to mid position 2ms to 1s, and from mid position to completely turned up position 1s to 10s. At the delay knob its 0s, 200ms, 2s. Using this method you can really fine tune the times.

Just in case, if this wasn’t enough yet, you can find the inverse of the envelope signs on the outputs of the DUAL ENV. It means the positive output works from 0V to +10V, the inverse output works from 0V, to -10V. Moreover the second envelope has an OFFSET switch, so you can shift the output level. This way it can be 0V to 10V, or -5V to +5V 

All of these features make it possible to create more and more exciting modulations and the output of the second envelope becomes compatible with modulation inputs receiving -/+5V control voltage.

Technical Specification

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