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Each control output can be parameterized individually.

The AS MIDI/CV Interface is a flexible controller module, which contains 4 analogue CV output, and 8 digital output. It can be connected by USB directly to the DAW, or to any other instrument/controller via MIDI. In the case of USB MIDI, it can operate as a MIDI interface, so it passes on the MIDI command coming from USB, to the MIDI OUT.

For setting parameters, there are 6 navigation knobs, and a 2 x 16 character LCD. The equipment can save 8 different program settings. 

For the ergonomic shape the MIDI, and the USB connectors are not placed on the front, but instead they have an individual module, or can be fixed on the back of the synthesizer.

All the analogue CV outputs are equipped with a 16 bit high speed DAC, and a precision OpAmp. These CV outputs independently can be NOTE, VELOCITY, AFTERTOUCH, PITCH BEND, or CONTROLLER outputs. The polarity of all the outputs can be adjusted, so this way in case of the NOTE setting the pitch control key can be reversed for example. Out of the four CV outputs on the #3 and #4 you can choose 0V / 10V, or -5V / +5V voltage interval. For example at a PITCH BEND it is a required parametrization. 

Digital outputs can be GATE, TRIG outputs, or SYNC, RESET, START / STOP outputs separately, on any MIDI channel. GATE can react on pressing or on releasing (S-TRIG) of the key. The TRIG can react on pressing, on releasing of the keys, or even both. 

The SYNC mode can be the standard PPQN SYNC for drum machines for example, but it has a DIVIDER as well, to choose the measure. All this from 1/1 to 1/32, even by triola and dotted beat too.  

Technical Specification

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