The heart and soul of all  synthesizers is the filter. And the most important one is the low-pass filter. Our development is a modern, linear, 100% analogue filter. It works perfectly in any circumstances, and reacts “musically” within the most extreme set-ups as well.  

It’s very important for us to make the filter capable of receiving multiple audio signals, since the creation of a timbre often requires a few oscillators, noise generators, external sources perhaps. For this reason we built into the module a three channel mixer, and you can find here the post-filter VCA as well. 

All the same applies on the reception of the CV signs. Besides the V/OCT input, there are two more adjustable CV inputs for the frequency modulation, and separate input for controlling the resonance, and one for the VCA level.

The filter reacts “musically”. For example: if you turn up the resonance knob, you’ll hear a soft sinus resonance. The sound won’t fall apart, the filter won’t start to “scream”. Besides of all we built into the filter a Resonance Boost circuit, which makes sure that lifting the resonance won’t let fade the range of deeper frequency.

And guess what! You can overload the filter! Give it a try, you’ll hear a very pleasant drive effect. This effect is based on the attribute of the filter’s own circuit, not by a built-in distortion.

For the sake of comfortable application, the input of the Freq CV2 can be assigned to the VCA CV input by using its own switch. In this case the same generator is capable of modulating the frequency of the filter, and the amplitude of the VCA as well. 

Technical Specification

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