Turn it on and play! No need to wait for the VCO to get warm.

First of all, we emphasized  the tunability of the oscillator.  In so many cases it’s necessary to tune the oscillator back and forth in the middle of a performance. And many cases it’s really hard to hit the proper pitch, that’s why we made up our minds to use -/+1 octave tune potentiometer (marked with a piano keyboard). You can switch octaves in four steps as well, and for highly precise tuning there’s a fine tune knob too. 

This 100% analogue and temperature compensated oscillator, generates square, saw, triangle and sine waves. Besides the individual waveform outputs, there’s a selectable waveform output as well. 

The waveforms appear with the same phase and the same amplitude (10Vpp) on the outputs. This makes it possible to use multiple waveforms simultaneously from the same VCO, without phase quench or volume fluctuation.

The pulse width can be adjusted between 10% and 90%.  There’s a controllable PWM CV input too. The SAW compatible HARD SYNC input can be turned on/off.

Besides the V/OCT input, there are two adjustable exponential CV inputs available for the modulation of the frequency. The whole range of frequency of the VCO is in between 16.352Hz and 8.372kHz (C0 – C9), so it means 10 octaves with +/-5 cents accuracy.

Technical Specification

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